Uneasy Atmosphere at Work

Have you ever experienced an uneasy atmosphere at work? What do you mean by a uneasy atmosphere in your work environment?

In the project "Det blev dålig stämning" - Everyday rituals, conflicts and contradictions in multinational Swedish office life, we examine the experience of "difficult/uneasy atmospheres" among Swedish and international workers in Swedish office environments.

In this directive we will ask about your relationship and experiences of "a difficult atmosphere" in the workplace in order to increase understanding of Swedish office culture and its routines. The project is funded by FORTE (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare)) and is run by researchers Katarzyna Herd and Jakob Löfgren.

The questionnaire has six questions. You can answer any of these, or write a narrative text inspired by the questions. The background information requested about you puts your answer in a context.

Your answer is anonymous and archived in the Folklife Archives at Lund University.


Contact information:

Katarzyna Herd, The Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University


Jakob Löfgren, The Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University


Gabi Louisedotter, The Folklife Archives at Lund university


Bad atmosphere?

Describe what you see as difficult/uneasy atmosphere in a work environment. Feel free to give several examples.

Situations and events

Describe a situation in which you experienced or witnessed difficult/uneasy atmosphere at work. How did it happen? How did it end? You can give several examples.

I created a bad mood… ..

Tell us if you have experienced a situation in which you yourself created a bad mood in the workplace. Have you (in your opinion) triggered a situation that results in difficult / unpleasant atmosphere at work? You can give several examples.

Risk of unpleasantness….

In your opinion, are there situations or places that are more likely to trigger a bad mood at work? Tell about different kinds of situations, places and surroundings that pose a risk of creating difficult / unpleasant atmosphere at work.

Unpleasant atmosphere  in a Swedish workplace (and in workplaces abroad)

If you have experience of working in countries other than Sweden, tell us about your experiences of unpleasant atmospheres at work in workplaces in Sweden and abroad. Are there differences / similarities in managing difficult / unpleasant atmosphere at work if you compare?

Additional thoughts and comments

If you have further comments about difficult / unpleasant atmosphere at work at work, please feel free to share them.

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